Thursday, April 5, 2012

MIZZOU-themed Baby Shower

Logan, my boss, went to MU and is a big fan so even though MIZZOU has nothing to do with the theme of her little man's room we just thought it would be fun and different. We being me and Kyle, a co-worker of mine. The shower wasn't a surprise but we didn't tell her the theme ahead of time and she was shocked and loved it!

Once Kyle and I settled on the MIZZOU theme I started google "MIZZOU parties" and realized there really weren't that many floating around on the internet to copy so it forced me to get creative! I designed all of the pennants, flags and "foam finger" signs on my computer and then printed them and cut them out. We got the chicken salad at Sam's, sounds odd I know but that stuff is ah-mazing. I made the "Tiger Punch" (click here for recipe) and pasta salad while Kyle handled cutting up the yummy fruit. Savannah is a master baker and huge MIZZOU fan so we knew she would be pumped to create a cake for the occasion. She used yellow and black food coloring with vanilla cake, cream cheese icing to separate the layers and cool Whip icing to cover the cake. It was to die for!

All of our co-workers pitched in to get Logan a double stroller and a video monitor for the nursery. We wanted her to have a few more things to "open" so we all brought books with an inscription for the family instead of cards. Some were duplicates of books she had, but a lot of them were new! And all of them were new for the new baby's bookshelves. If you couldn't tell Baby Aguirre doesn't have a name quite yet but he will be here by April 16 at the latest so we will know soon enough!!

 To see all of the photos from the shower, click here.

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  1. MIZZOU-themed Baby Shower looks fabulous. Everything is enchanting from the décor to the food and all of these happy faces. I loved reading through this wonderful post. The theme is awesome and I'm surely going to make use of this idea for my cousin’s surprise baby shower this weekend. Have already booked the spacious rental spaces for parties.


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