Monday, April 30, 2012

Gregory Family Easter 2012

After lunch and a big egg hunt at the in-laws Tim and I headed home to get a little yard work done before venturing over to my rents for dinner. More food and another egg hunt commenced :) See all of the photos here.

Trying to get a better view

Found it!

Looking his gift

Do you spy his gift? Look up high.

There it is!

Checking out his loot

Trying the sour gum
And it is sour

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Johnson Family Easter 2012

Terri A little birdie reminded me yesterday I hadn't posted a blog about Easter yet. I had borrowed my dad's sweet new camera and had taken a lot of great photos of Rylan and the family. I've had them on my computer the whole time, I am just so used to all of the photos I post being on my phone that I totally forgot about them. Well here they are, all 183 of them :) Well to see all 183 of the photos click here. Below are just a few from the holiday.
Rylan got a new coloring book from Uncle T and Aunt Megan

Complete with stickers

Now that's a fine photo

Rylan is being a little shy

And doesn't want anyone (especially my dad) to get her toes

My mom and dad, Casey's grandma and her husband Bruce, Tim, Kristin, Rylan, Casey, Me, Nanny, Ron and Terri

The boys hiding the eggs

Real sneaky

Rylan knows what's up. She went straight for the first egg and didn't stop

I just love this one even though it is a bit blurry

She figured out there was candy inside

She had an audience for sure

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