Saturday, March 3, 2012

Oh, Pinterest how I love thee

This is all the buzz lately. Pinterst=a virtual pin board. Basically, you see something you like on any website out there you hit your little "Pin It" button. It then saves that image with a link back to the original website to one of your "pinboards". There is also room to write a clever or descriptive caption about your pin. You get to determine your pinboards, their titles and category. You can have as many as you'd like! Another way to utilize it is by following people and friends who have a Pinterest account too. If I go to my Pinterest homepage I get a visual feed of everything my friends have been pinning. It is so addicting and energizing and motivating! However it also make me feel pretty inadequate in my personal fashion choices, workout routine, as a homemaker and a DIYer. Not so bad that I don't spend lot's of time pinning things for my future home, baby room, next recipe I'll make or party I'll plan and it sure does keep me motivated and always looking for the next fun project. Sorry Tim, but it has just begun.

My homepage on Pinterest:

My boards:

My Execution:
My motivation for this post was b/c I used a hair how-to on my "Style Me Pretty" pinboard to fix my hair yesterday. By 9:30 a.m. I'd already had some positive comments on how cute I looked. See Pinterest changes lives.
This little photo was taken from my phone, so this is a sneak peak at the iPhone app :)

Some of my favorite pins:
They can be useful, wacky, funny, touching, motivating, useless, nostalgic or helpful. These are some of the things I have pinned across the board. Just want to show you the range of things that are on this site!

Follow me:
Home ideas, inside and out
Style, fashion, hair, accessories, shoes, make-up, etc
Random findings that are worth a pin but don't fit into an of my boards
Graphic design ideas, logos, invitations, color scheme
Yep, recipe ideas!
Gathering great, fresh party ideas for work, wedding and baby showers, birthday parties and beyond
Places I have been or want to go (not all of which you need a plane for)
Great ideas for kids: how-to guides, conversation tips, crafts, photo shoots, clothes, all things I think I might need when I have a kid
All holiday ideas. Recipes, decorations costumes
Things I personally have had a part in creating
Drink recipes
Just that, blogs that are worth catching up on ever now and then
Ideas that are inspiring my home office renovation

Want to join Pinterest
There is a waiting list, but here's the catch. If you are invited by someone who is already a member (owe, pick me, pick me) then voila, no wait! So let me know and I will get you added.

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