Friday, February 10, 2012

Ode to Rylan

Happy birthday–you are two! I can't believe it. It feels like a few short months ago we were all waiting in anticipation for your arrival. I'm so excited to able to watch you grow and be your Aunt Meggie, Menan, Mengan or whatever else you decide to call me :) Here are a few of my very favorite photos of you, my sweet little niece.
My VERY first photo of you :)

So excited! Uncle T was actually the first person to get to hold you, besides your mom and dad!
I came to visit when you were just a few weeks old.

I think you liked me okay :)
Your first Memorial Day
Labor Day!
It's deer season and while the boys were hunting we got to play a lot!

Such a cute little cheesy grin at your first Christmas

You're 1!!!

Christmas 2012

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