Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hamlet's coming soon...

Monday at the latest. That's right. Kari went to the doctor today and after a few high blood pressure tests and one trip to labor and delivery later she was released but encouraged to take it easy this weekend. Her doctor said she thinks Hamlet might come on his over the next few days, but if not they will induce her on Monday morning. Lot's of prayers for my amazing friend. He will be here before we know it! I, of course, had to take a photo just in case it is the last time I see her preggers!

Seems like you've been pregnant forever, but it has gone by so fast. Does that even make sense?! As I'm typing this it makes me a bit emotional. I can't believe the next time I see you you could potentially be a mommy. The lifeline for a little life. I feel so blessed to have been so involved in your journey to mommy-hood. I know I will just as involved in your journey OF mommy-hood too. You and John are going to be such great parents! Tim and I love you guys so much and can't wait your little man! Relax the next few days, there's no turning back now :)


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  1. It is just crazy to read this post since 7 hours later my water broke and little man was on his way. We feel so blessed to have had you both a part of this experience and are excited for what's to come. Sawyer loves his Godparents so much!!!! And don't worry I got emotional reading your post!!!


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