Sunday, February 12, 2012

Hamlet is a wild man

The days in which I get to meet my God son are drawing closer and closer. Kari went to the doctor Thursday (she goes every Thursday from now until he's here) and had some serious progress. She is dilated to a 3 (10 is go time) and 50% effaced (we think 100% is when your water breaks). The doctor ensured her that she could be a three for a while, but Kari has been having a lot of contractions and the doc told her if they are five minutes apart for one hour to come on in! Friday night they were every 6 minutes. Close!

All belly!!
We spent the whole day together Saturday so I was hoping there might be some action, but nothing out of the ordinary. We took an hour walk in the morning and then came back to my house and had a Twilight Marathon. Kari is not a Twilight fan but decided she needed to stay hip with the younger generation and the marathon began. Yes, there are four movies. Yes, they are all about two hours each. Yes, that does mean that her and I watched four movies totaling eight hours yesterday. It was actually a blast. She didn't hate them either! Kari is not a romantic, chick-flick kind of girl. I assumed she wouldn't like them, but she didn't hate them. That's good! She didn't love them, but she said she probably would see the fifth one. She probably wouldn't take a day off of work and join me and Amanda Brooker, but she would see it.

Twilight wasn't our only entertainment–Hamlet is a wild man. Moving and kicking up a storm all of the time. I got a video of it, see below. All of that moving is him! So bizarre he is in there pretty much all cooked. He looks just like he will when he comes out. Not a little alien, a baby. With blond hair, as Kari predicts!


  1. I totally just came across this blog and can't believe that is belly looks fake!!!!

    1. It popped up for me the other day and I watched it again. CRAZY!!


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