Monday, February 27, 2012

Brad Paisley comes to town

That's right, Brad Paisley came to Springfield! With him and Miranda Lambert under our belt I am hoping Blake Shelton will pop on over soon. Tim and I saw him at Downstream a few years ago and he was a blast! Back to Brad though, what a fun show. Our seats were ah-mazing. We were in section C, row 3, seats 13-18. In my head I was thinking by the stage would be section A, seats 1 and count down from there. Nope. Section D was right by the stage and seat 20 was closet to the stage and 1 was farthest away. Basically we were at the edge of the stage! I had never been that close before at JQH, definitely spoiled.

Scotty McCreery (Mr. America Idol) opened the show. He only played for 20 minutes, I was kind of surprised. I'm not a huge fan but he did a good job. The Band Perry was next. I found that I had their CD in my car last weekend so for a full week I was jamming out to them in hopes I would know their songs. It worked! I think Tim got sick of the fact that once each song started I looked at him and yelled "I know this one!" Seriously, every. One. But hey, I knew them all. Mission accomplished! And now for the main event... Braaadd Paaaaaaaaisley! Yehaw! He played for almost two and a half hours and I definitely knew all of the songs.

Some of the highlights included:
• Him coming close to us, not once, not twice, but three times! Like 3 feet away close.
• They had a sweet halogram of Carrie Underwood that looked super real. Logan (my boss) said her friends ask if it was really Carrie up there. Tricky.
• The fact we didn't sit down, not even once. The vibe was so fun.
• He had Scotty McCreery come out with a permanent marker mustache, he looked kind of cute since he didn't look 14.
• They had beer vendor guys (like at baseball games) walking around and selling beers. That has never happened to me up in the nosebleeds.
• He ran all of the way to the back of the venue and hopped up on a stage for two songs. He said he appreciated us spending our hard earned money to see him and he wanted to preform for the "cheap" seats too.
• During one of the songs he grabbed a girls phone from the audience and said "Let's make a video." Then proceeded to record himself and the crowd on her phone!
• He straight up signed his acoustic guitar and gave it to a little kid in the audience. What can I say, he's a giver.
• We were there with our family! Me, Tim and both of our parents made a night out of it. We all met at Boomer's before the show and had dinner and drinks, then walked over to the show. Such a fun, family-filled night!
• Tim went out with his boots on....

All of the better quality photos (with the date) are from my dad

The Band Perry

Brad Paisley!

So close!

Tim being excited about how close he is. He is right behind Tim's head :)
On the stage in the "cheap" seats

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  1. In the picture of Brad singing to the "cheap" seats. Look to the right of the light star up on the wall...see the people standing up next to the top wall? THAT'S US!!! (in the middle of the light and NN). We were in the nosebleeds...but it was still amazing. We stood the whole time too.


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