Friday, February 24, 2012

417 Magazine {The List Party}

This event is my most favorite thing I work on every year. We always convert an unusual space (think airport lobby, bank, or in this case a automotive shop) into a party. I love getting to put my problem solving and creative juices to work. This year we took over Rick's Automotive and wowed the crowd b/c the space was completely transformed. We used one of the lifts and constructed a stage that we had elevated above the party as the Kilgore Sisters serenaded the party-goers. Another of the lifts was converted into a working bar. All of the other lifts were transformed into floating tables with our favorite 417-land restaurants serving yummy appetizers. No one believed it is actually a working shop that is open for business! We only had to shut it down for one day. Today it is all back up and running like we were never there.
From the front looking back
Back looking toward the front

The lift in the foreground was utilized for the bar and the lift with the car on it was the stage
The lifts that we transformed into the food stations

Bar area
Front looking back, stage in back right

Food tables

During the party!
Front, looking toward the back. See the elevated stage!
On the stage (in the back) looking forward
Bar area
 Red Carpet Party Photos
Lauren (417 Magazine Marketing Coordinator and the other lady behind the party) and me
Some of the 417 crew: me, Dylan, Carley, Logan, JuliRose, Lauren, Kevin
Me and Logan (my preggo boss)
Katie Pollock (417 Magazine editor) and me

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