Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Silver Dollar City + Nixa Christmas Light Competition

We hadn't gotten to Silver Dollar City to see the lights yet, or used our "bring a friend for free" passes, so on Christmas Eve Eve us and the Brooker's made our way to the park. Adam and Amanda hadn't ever been to SDC during Christmas before! In the main town square when we first walked in the Christmas tree was all light up and going crazy. Ashton (their 2-year-old) shouted, "it looks like a birthday party!" Adam said, you are kind of right, "who's birthday is it?" Ashton said, "JESUS!" He was right. Leave it to a 2-year-old to put a spectacle like lights in a theme park into perspective. We walked through the park and checked out the lights. Had some dinner and took in a few shows. The highlight was probably the Frosty show. They said they needed a volunteer from teh audience and called up Laura from the Netherlands to the stage. You could tell she wasn't a normal part of the show since she was buried deep in the audience. They two main actors made her help assemble Frosty by adding the buttons and carrot nose. When they were all said and done a young man crept out on stand behind the performers and popped down on one knee. Laura finally turned around and she was purposed to right there in front of all of us! She shook her head yes and they quickly ran off the stage. I was laughing, not because this proposal had happened during Frosty, but b/c Amanda was totally crying! She said she'd never seen a proposal in "real life" before, other than her own. I guess that is kind of true, I don't think I have either. So congrats to Laura from the Netherlands and her beau.
This hat was a Christmas prezzie, but I talked Tim into giving it to me early so I wouldn't catch pneumonia :)

Tim and Ashton at dinner

The city of Nixa has a city wide Christmas light competition, so Tim and I referenced our map of houses involved and cruised by most of them on our way back to Republic. Out of the 5 we went too only two were really worth the drive and one of them was a neighbor to a person actually in the competition!
The neighbors house, not technically in the competition, however it should have been

Best one in the competition. It looks pretty plain here, but in person all of those lights were dancing all about. Really pretty!

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