Friday, January 27, 2012

Office Inspiration {Orange + Gray}

Number four on my Home To-Do List 2012 (redesign/decorate my home office) is underway. I have had my eye out for design inspirations on Pinterest and the orange + gray color scheme has been popping up everywhere. Not normally a palette for me, but I just love it. I was afraid Tim was going to shoot me down, but he hasn't yet so I let my creative juices start to flow.

I have a few things to work off of already.

Gray and white chevron fabric for the curtains. I bought this fabric for Kari's shower.
Orange frame. I will most likely need to repaint it, but I love the color. I got another one that matches it too, but it the original finish.

I have these posters from our trip to Wyoming this summer we want to put in the room too. I'm not sure on the color of frame and matting but I am thinking natural matte with either white (my vote) or dark wood (Tim's vote).

Here is the office that started my orange and gray obsession.  
My walls are just about that color now. I am not planning on painting.


More inspiring rooms. Not all of them are offices... 
(You can click the image to link to the original websites)



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  1. LOVE this color combo! And you are just the right person to pull it off!!!


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