Sunday, January 1, 2012

Mullis Wedding

We attended Chris and Heather (now Mullis)'s wedding the weekend before Christmas. The ceremony was so sweet and the decorations at both the wedding and reception were gorgeous. Heather said they had Artistry in Bloom do all of the decorations. I snapped a few photos.
Happy couple!

There may or may not have been a dance-off. Go John!

The DJ did this fun game where you took out a dollar and then passed it around and around your table until the music stopped playing. Whoever ended up with the dollar (TRINA!) had to be the beer bitch the rest of the night.

For their "guest book" they had people sign Christmas ornaments. So cute!

Tim adding ours to their tree

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  1. Another fun night! Thanks for sharing congrats Mr. and Mrs. Mullis


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