Monday, January 23, 2012

Little Theatre Big Party

Is an annual fundraiser for Springfield Little Theatre. Every year they have these crazy, ridiculous themes and this year was no different. UNDER THE BIG TOP! Yes, you are correct, a circus theme. I ran it past Tim weeks if not months ago and he complied with my request to attend. We get a lot of charity event tickets (through work) and Tim's not the biggest fan of getting dressed up so I have to pick my battles wisely. It helped that Kristina and JC Loveland were going to be there! At the time though, he didn't realize it was a costume party. Opps! Left that detail out. One thing he hates more than dressing formal is dressing in theme. So all week he'd been trying relentlessly to get out of going. I just kept saying it'd be fun but never giving in or being firm on going either. So come Saturday morning I told him we needed to run some errands, go to the party store to get some props and then down to Commercial Street to get some pants I'd scouted out for him the week before. He didn't object. Yippee! After we left Party City he was fully on board. I think the faux chest hair got him excited :)

We went to the Loveland's house before the party to get ready. Well Tim was ready, but Kristina and Beth had to help me with my make-up. The crap-crayons I got at Party City were no good and wouldn't mark on my face so I had to use Kristina's face paint. It worked much better. So we were all dressed and ready to go!

Not only did we have a tiny bit of liquid courage, but we were with a crew of people who were way more over the top than we were. That eased our worry of sticking out too much. BUT THEN... we pull up to the event. Panic strikes. About 15-20 people are walking in and Not. A. One. was dressed up in a costume. I am freaking out. Don't want to get out of the car. Which in turn is making Tim freak out. What to do? Not going to lie, if JC and Kristina hadn't been in the car behind us we would have kept on driving. But no turning back now. So in we went with my heart racing. Open the door. BAM. Tons of people dressed up. Worry wears away and we jump in the registration line, then quickly to the beer line. There were a lot of creative costumes, it was actually really fun to be dressed up! Tim got a TON of compliments on his pants. See close-up below. They are legit from the 70's. We got them at Decades down on Commercial Street. Definitely worth popping into if you're down that way.

So all-in-all we had a great time and we will hopefully be back next year. Can't wait to find out the theme!

Close-up of the sweet pants. I am telling you, tons of compliments!
Inside the party!

Ohhhh yeah.
Sweet 'stache.
They were dates :) JC was the bearded lady.

They even had cotton candy!

Get it girrrrrl.

Caitlin went as cotton candy! She wore white pants and shoes. So clever.

Real nice boys. Seriously, so nasty.

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