Thursday, January 26, 2012

An interactive love note

I saw this on Pinterest and just loved the idea. An interactive love note. So sweet. It is a great way to leave your honey notes (and them leave you notes too) about why you love them. They can be serious, sweet, silly, really anything to tell your sweetie how you feel. It is so easy to forgot to communicate that sometimes.

It was so easy to make. Courtesy Lasso the Moon,  you can click to download the jpeg and print your own one here. It's formatted to an 8x10". Buy a frame. I would suggest going to Hobby Lobby while the frames are half off. Which is every other week. Adding the matting is optional, but they have it pre-cut at Hobby Lobby to fit all of their frame sizes. Just a side note, they have frames in the front of the store, but then have more larger options, along with the mattes in the back of the store. Assemble and done!

Ours was a Christmas gift to us. It has gotten a lot of use and it is really fun when something new is written! Makes you feel so good :)

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