Monday, January 9, 2012

Happy 30th Birthday to my amazing man!

In celebration of his birthday me and his 21 closet friends and family got together for one hell of a surprise party! Most of those involved had also been at Kari and John's baby shower and then come up with some excuse why they couldn't go get dinner and a beer with us when it was over. Little did Tim know that everyone was escaping to go board the Party Express Bus waiting in the back of the shower location. While we cleaned up the shower everyone was busy loading the bus down with beer, decorating it with lot's of "Your 30" decorations and decking themselves out with glow bracelets.

Once we paid the tab for the shower we (Kari, John, Trina, Tim, myself and Combs) headed out to our cars. We stopped by Kari and John's car so they could give Tim a gift. While he was busy opening it the bus slowy crept around the corner. They made him this sweet shirt that has a photo of him from Kari and John's shower that says "All aboard the Chuck Wagon" (one of Tim's nicknames) and then says, "I'm 30 and I know it." Insert super hip new song beat. As he was holding it up looking at it the bus got closer and was now right in front of us, but behind the shirt Tim was holding up. I ask if he was ready to board the Chuck Wagon and he didn't say anything. I said, "are you ready to party for you birthday?" He dropped the shirt and all he could see was a huge party bus all lite up inside and tons of glow bracelets going crazy. Everyone started screaming to get on and his face was priceless. He was STUNNED. I mean totally shocked!

He boarded the bus, got his custom koozie with a full beer and made his way through the aisle to see everyone that had come along for the ride. Someone very special was hiding in the back and that was Kristin and Casey. They had surprised him from Fayette and had gotten a baby sitter for Rylan. I know it meant so much to him that they were able to be there to celebrate too.

Where too you might ask? The Landing in Branson! Dinner at Cantina Laredo and then on to the Piano Bar. It was an awesome night with the best people. Thanks everyone for making Tim's 30th so amazing and memorable! Now to the fun part.... incriminating photos.

Josey and Thomas
Apparently you need these when you hit 30... JC, do you need to tell us something?

Casey, Kristin, Tim and me
Me and Kristina, the main decorator. Great work!!
Me, Kari and Trina
The dancing begins... check out Casey, Kristin and Tim's faces. Priceless.
John sporting the shirt!

Custom birthday koozies!
Off the bus, heading to dinner.
Sporting the Happy Socks. He rocked this look all night.
Yummy Strawberry Margarita
Terri went with mango!

Drink on fire!

Happy Birthday!

What's a Mexican joint without a tequila shot bought a total random?!

Now on to Ernie Biggs Piano Bar, just a short walk away.

On stage for his birthday.
Now ride that stick horse around the whole bar...twice!

Now back onto the bus for the crazy, dance-party ride home!
First we found some random children toys...

Merry Christmas, from not our family to yours!

Sorry Amanda...

Yeah, for that too.

Playing a little air guitar to Alice in Chains

Amanda really got some serious lovin' on the Party Bus :)

Wishing I had some incriminating videos? ... You are in luck b/c I do.

Kari captured some birthday awesome-ness too! Click here to see her photos and sweet birthday shout-out to Tim.

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