Monday, January 16, 2012

First Annual 417 Magazine Whiskey Fest

I survived! Whiskey Fest was last night down at Big Cedar Lodge. It was an all day affair for Lauren, my marketing coordinator, and myself. We met at 417 around 8:30 am then headed on down. The event was at the Grandview Conference Center so we hung out all day and made sure vendor knew where to go and what to do. We had to track down lost product, aka whiskey, but only had to put out a few fires–and by fires I mean panic attacks from vendors. It actually went very smoothly. Everyone was in a great mood and do excited to be a part of Missouri's first annual Whiskey Fest. We'd been saying all along 417-land's first Whiskey Fest, and it is, but I learned last night the fact that it was the first in Missouri is what got a lot of the players involved.

We had more than 100 Whiskeys at the main Grand Tasting. We had a few fun seminars like Whiskey and Scotch 101. Plus, four private tastings. Those were limited to 13 people each and you sat around a regal board room with the master distiller from the brand and learned all about it, it's history and anything else you could care to know. I know Fiona, the Jamison ambassador, is from Ireland. I hung out with her at the after party and she was fantastic and had a stellar accent. She's converted me into a Jamison fan! Tim might be too happy bc we won't be the only one dipping into the bottle in the cabinet now. I had a Jami and Ginger aka Jamison and ginger ale. Very tasty and smooth.

Lauren and I got to stay the night on property and this place is so beautiful. Our room has an amazing view, unlike the one Tim and I stayed in in October. I'm actually setting on the patio in a rocking chair looking at the lake right now while I type this. I'll put a pic of my view below. I'll actually put a handful of shots from last night and out room. I'm on my phone so I have no control of the order the pictures will show up which will drive be nuts. I would love for them to be in chronological order, but oh well! I will post some professional ones and the video we had done of the event when I get them. They had robes for us in the room so I've been sporting one all morning :) and we had a little raccoon friend watching over us as we slept. A little creepy, but cute.

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