Saturday, January 7, 2012

Christmas 2011 {At Wayne and Nancy's House}

It was the first year Ashley (Chris's girlfriend) has celebrated Christmas with us and we were SO happy to have her!
A little Christmas wrastling

Check out my new Sperry shoes from Tim!!

Necklace cross charm, iPhone compatible gloves and an apple slicer/corer!

Hat and shirt from Mae Mae and TT
Gift card to Johnny Macs for hockey stuff! And an awesome gun lighter :)
Wine glasses! Mom also got some iPhone gloves and some lotions from Harem's LemonDrop line. Dad opened his without us looking, but we got him a Craftsman battery/battery charger thing,
The after-math!

Aidan trying out the new wine glasses (he's drinking sprite, of course)

Chris made his own straw with the "build-a-crazy-straw" kit we got Aidan
Straw #1
Straw #2, getting crazy now!
Settled in to watch Home Alone 2

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