Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Baby BOY Roberts

Remember this blog post Our niece...maybe? Well maybe is right! Kristin and Casey went to the doctor today and had the official gender reveal ultrasound. First things first, the baby is healthy. Ten fingers, ten toes, great skin on the neck (apparently this means something), they checked the heart, nose, etc. All of the normal things. Baby Boy passed the test.

Kristin said the ultrasound tech was all but done and ask if there was anything else. Kristin ask if they could tell the sex... I don't know how she waited until the end I would have been busting at the seams, but I guess making sure the baby is healthy is the #1 priority! So the tech took a look. I guess Casey said it's a girl isn't it?! (He said this because based on their 13-week ultrasound there was a 90% of it being a girl.) The lady surprisingly said, no, it's a boy! Boy. What?! He even ask the lady to check again. She did and same result. Two checks and two rounds of photos later I think it started to sink in.

Kristin called it. She just couldn't get her head wrapped around the idea of another girl. Not that she would have been disappointed in any way, she just always thought she would have one of each, a girl AND a boy. Mother's intuition was right on, even though it was only a 10% chance. Can't wait to meet you little man. Bring on the nursery (re)painting and shopping!

There is no denying it. Check out the money shot!

 Photos courtesy Kristin

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