Sunday, January 1, 2012

Annual KC Trip

We always do some serious damage on this shopping trip and this year was no different. We actually went up a whole day earlier this year! We went a little backwards from our normal routine. Friday morning Terri, my mom and I headed up to KC at the normal time we would have headed to work. Our game plan for the day was to hit up Town Center Plaza which has Crate and Barrel, Z Gallery, Dick's Sporting Goods, Pottery Barn, as well as an outdoor mall with all of the regular stores. We only hit up LOFT b/c we knew the rest of the stores would be at one of the other malls we would be visiting over the three-day weekend. LOFT is too, but this one is a pretty good store and I've found the one on the Country Club Plaza is not all that great.

By the time we left here is was pushing 2 pm and we were starving, but we were holding out to eat at the Nordstrom Cafe inside Nordstrom at the Oak Park Mall. We did call and check to make sure they were open all day. We weren't taking that chance! After lunch we perused the upper and lower floors of Nordstrom and then went out into the mall. The main stores we hit up were LOFT again :) Eddie Bauer, Gap (even though the one on the plaza is ALWAYS better), and some other miscellaneous shops. It was after 6 p.m. so we decided to head down to our hotel. The Hampton Inn of course, at the Country Club Plaza where we always stay.

We got settled and decided to walk down to The Plaza for a little dinner. We ventured out of our norm and tried something new! That is kind of a big deal for us. We kind of like what we like :) Especially when we only get it once a year. So we ate at Blanc Burgers and Bottles. I had attempted to go here last year when we were in KC for Kari's Bridal Party Weekend, but we couldn't get in. We were in luck, got right in! The decor was very retro. Lot's of white and orange. The menu is mainly burgers and hot sandwiches, but the fun thing is the fries came in these little shopping carts. Very cute. I loved my chicken sandwich with goat cheese, balsamic vinegar and lettuce, but I don't think it was good enough to bump some of our regular spots.

Terri and mom at Blanc
After dinner we headed back to the room to hit the hay for the night. On Saturday Kristin joined the party. Today was the day we were going to concur The Plaza. H&M is new down there was our last trip, so we took a look around. I tried on a bunch of stuff, but nothing really fit except a cute black skirt that I scored for $24! We hit up the Gap next. Kristin and Terri headed straight to the second floor to shop the maternity section. Mom and I stayed on floor one and began out raid of the store. I left with a new pair of jeans, cute scarf (thanks mom! She got a matching one) and a couple of cute shirts. One I wore for Christmas (you'll see it in a later post). We'd only been to three stores by this point, but we (and we I mean Kristin and her baby) were hungry. I admit I was getting there too. So we headed down to Brio, our regular lunch spot. Their spinach dip is to die for! We may or may not have ordered 2 orders of it :) Oops!
There was still a lot to explore on The Plaza, so after lunch we were at it again. I do have to tell on myself, please don't judge me. While at Forever 21 I tried on this adorable dress. I loved it and totally planned to get it until I attempted to get it off. All I heard was this major ripping sound. Yep, totally ripped the dress trying to get it off of me. Did I run to the girls working the dressing room and confess? Nope. I just hung it back up and stuffed it in between the plethora of other things I had tried on. I am so bad but if their clothes were so cheap... I blame it on them to make myself feel better. I am proud of Kristin b/c she bought her first pair of skinny jeans! Go Krissy!

We were all still full from lunch so when dinner time rolled around we just opted for the Chocolate Bag from McCormick and Smicks for dinner. It was packed in the restaurants so we just got it to go and headed back to the room. It still tastes great when you get it to go, but there isn't anyone to clean up after you when you get chocolate all over your sheets and your mom's pj's. Sorry about that mom!

Sunday morning we ate breakfast once again in the Hampton Inn lobby. Hey, it's complimentary and really is great. So many options to choose from. Today our mission was OUTLETS! So we headed to the Legends Outlet Mall when they opened. We were pretty shopped out by this point but they have Gap, Banana and J Crew that are worth checking out. I actually only bought myself a necklace but scored Tim three nice button-ups at J Crew and a pair of khaki's at Banana. Kristin and Terri went to the Motherhood Maternity store and while in J Crew I got a text from her "Come quick! I've got on leggings!" That is about as big of a deal of the skinny jean purchase from the previous day. I have turned her to the dark side. Now we just need to find her some boots! Kristin made a haul at the maternity store. Good thing her birthday was the next weekend and Christmas after that! She is pregnant in a different season than last time. All of her winter things from pregnancy one were when she was her biggest so she just swims in all of those outfits right now. Girl needed some new clothes! We grabbed lunch at Panera and then went our separate ways. Kristin headed home so she could make it in time for Rylan's bath and Terri, mom and I ran into Target. We all had a few little things we needed. After that quick stop another successful girls shopping weekend had come to an end. I think this is our 4th year in a row! We have so much fun we talked about why we don't do a summer trip too, so boys beware! Another one might be in the works :)

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