Friday, January 27, 2012

Office Inspiration {Orange + Gray}

Number four on my Home To-Do List 2012 (redesign/decorate my home office) is underway. I have had my eye out for design inspirations on Pinterest and the orange + gray color scheme has been popping up everywhere. Not normally a palette for me, but I just love it. I was afraid Tim was going to shoot me down, but he hasn't yet so I let my creative juices start to flow.

I have a few things to work off of already.

Gray and white chevron fabric for the curtains. I bought this fabric for Kari's shower.
Orange frame. I will most likely need to repaint it, but I love the color. I got another one that matches it too, but it the original finish.

I have these posters from our trip to Wyoming this summer we want to put in the room too. I'm not sure on the color of frame and matting but I am thinking natural matte with either white (my vote) or dark wood (Tim's vote).

Here is the office that started my orange and gray obsession.  
My walls are just about that color now. I am not planning on painting.


More inspiring rooms. Not all of them are offices... 
(You can click the image to link to the original websites)



Thursday, January 26, 2012

An interactive love note

I saw this on Pinterest and just loved the idea. An interactive love note. So sweet. It is a great way to leave your honey notes (and them leave you notes too) about why you love them. They can be serious, sweet, silly, really anything to tell your sweetie how you feel. It is so easy to forgot to communicate that sometimes.

It was so easy to make. Courtesy Lasso the Moon,  you can click to download the jpeg and print your own one here. It's formatted to an 8x10". Buy a frame. I would suggest going to Hobby Lobby while the frames are half off. Which is every other week. Adding the matting is optional, but they have it pre-cut at Hobby Lobby to fit all of their frame sizes. Just a side note, they have frames in the front of the store, but then have more larger options, along with the mattes in the back of the store. Assemble and done!

Ours was a Christmas gift to us. It has gotten a lot of use and it is really fun when something new is written! Makes you feel so good :)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Baby BOY Roberts

Remember this blog post Our niece...maybe? Well maybe is right! Kristin and Casey went to the doctor today and had the official gender reveal ultrasound. First things first, the baby is healthy. Ten fingers, ten toes, great skin on the neck (apparently this means something), they checked the heart, nose, etc. All of the normal things. Baby Boy passed the test.

Kristin said the ultrasound tech was all but done and ask if there was anything else. Kristin ask if they could tell the sex... I don't know how she waited until the end I would have been busting at the seams, but I guess making sure the baby is healthy is the #1 priority! So the tech took a look. I guess Casey said it's a girl isn't it?! (He said this because based on their 13-week ultrasound there was a 90% of it being a girl.) The lady surprisingly said, no, it's a boy! Boy. What?! He even ask the lady to check again. She did and same result. Two checks and two rounds of photos later I think it started to sink in.

Kristin called it. She just couldn't get her head wrapped around the idea of another girl. Not that she would have been disappointed in any way, she just always thought she would have one of each, a girl AND a boy. Mother's intuition was right on, even though it was only a 10% chance. Can't wait to meet you little man. Bring on the nursery (re)painting and shopping!

There is no denying it. Check out the money shot!

 Photos courtesy Kristin

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

417 Magazine Whiskey Fest {Video}

See my event come to life! I always love having a video to show off b/c it really shows what the event was like. Pictures only go so far...

Monday, January 23, 2012

Little Theatre Big Party

Is an annual fundraiser for Springfield Little Theatre. Every year they have these crazy, ridiculous themes and this year was no different. UNDER THE BIG TOP! Yes, you are correct, a circus theme. I ran it past Tim weeks if not months ago and he complied with my request to attend. We get a lot of charity event tickets (through work) and Tim's not the biggest fan of getting dressed up so I have to pick my battles wisely. It helped that Kristina and JC Loveland were going to be there! At the time though, he didn't realize it was a costume party. Opps! Left that detail out. One thing he hates more than dressing formal is dressing in theme. So all week he'd been trying relentlessly to get out of going. I just kept saying it'd be fun but never giving in or being firm on going either. So come Saturday morning I told him we needed to run some errands, go to the party store to get some props and then down to Commercial Street to get some pants I'd scouted out for him the week before. He didn't object. Yippee! After we left Party City he was fully on board. I think the faux chest hair got him excited :)

We went to the Loveland's house before the party to get ready. Well Tim was ready, but Kristina and Beth had to help me with my make-up. The crap-crayons I got at Party City were no good and wouldn't mark on my face so I had to use Kristina's face paint. It worked much better. So we were all dressed and ready to go!

Not only did we have a tiny bit of liquid courage, but we were with a crew of people who were way more over the top than we were. That eased our worry of sticking out too much. BUT THEN... we pull up to the event. Panic strikes. About 15-20 people are walking in and Not. A. One. was dressed up in a costume. I am freaking out. Don't want to get out of the car. Which in turn is making Tim freak out. What to do? Not going to lie, if JC and Kristina hadn't been in the car behind us we would have kept on driving. But no turning back now. So in we went with my heart racing. Open the door. BAM. Tons of people dressed up. Worry wears away and we jump in the registration line, then quickly to the beer line. There were a lot of creative costumes, it was actually really fun to be dressed up! Tim got a TON of compliments on his pants. See close-up below. They are legit from the 70's. We got them at Decades down on Commercial Street. Definitely worth popping into if you're down that way.

So all-in-all we had a great time and we will hopefully be back next year. Can't wait to find out the theme!

Close-up of the sweet pants. I am telling you, tons of compliments!
Inside the party!

Ohhhh yeah.
Sweet 'stache.
They were dates :) JC was the bearded lady.

They even had cotton candy!

Get it girrrrrl.

Caitlin went as cotton candy! She wore white pants and shoes. So clever.

Real nice boys. Seriously, so nasty.

Friday, January 20, 2012

When the husbands away...

The wife will order Domino's instead of Pizza Hut! I'm such a rebel :)

Monday, January 16, 2012

First Annual 417 Magazine Whiskey Fest

I survived! Whiskey Fest was last night down at Big Cedar Lodge. It was an all day affair for Lauren, my marketing coordinator, and myself. We met at 417 around 8:30 am then headed on down. The event was at the Grandview Conference Center so we hung out all day and made sure vendor knew where to go and what to do. We had to track down lost product, aka whiskey, but only had to put out a few fires–and by fires I mean panic attacks from vendors. It actually went very smoothly. Everyone was in a great mood and do excited to be a part of Missouri's first annual Whiskey Fest. We'd been saying all along 417-land's first Whiskey Fest, and it is, but I learned last night the fact that it was the first in Missouri is what got a lot of the players involved.

We had more than 100 Whiskeys at the main Grand Tasting. We had a few fun seminars like Whiskey and Scotch 101. Plus, four private tastings. Those were limited to 13 people each and you sat around a regal board room with the master distiller from the brand and learned all about it, it's history and anything else you could care to know. I know Fiona, the Jamison ambassador, is from Ireland. I hung out with her at the after party and she was fantastic and had a stellar accent. She's converted me into a Jamison fan! Tim might be too happy bc we won't be the only one dipping into the bottle in the cabinet now. I had a Jami and Ginger aka Jamison and ginger ale. Very tasty and smooth.

Lauren and I got to stay the night on property and this place is so beautiful. Our room has an amazing view, unlike the one Tim and I stayed in in October. I'm actually setting on the patio in a rocking chair looking at the lake right now while I type this. I'll put a pic of my view below. I'll actually put a handful of shots from last night and out room. I'm on my phone so I have no control of the order the pictures will show up which will drive be nuts. I would love for them to be in chronological order, but oh well! I will post some professional ones and the video we had done of the event when I get them. They had robes for us in the room so I've been sporting one all morning :) and we had a little raccoon friend watching over us as we slept. A little creepy, but cute.
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