Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas Day {at the in-laws}

Next we went to Tim's parents house. We started off by opening gifts then had dinner.

Snuggling in their new blankets

Playing doctor

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas Day {at my rents}

We went to my parents first because Chris and Ashley had Aidan until 2 p.m. We started with breakfast, then played with Aidan's new X-Box Kinnect. After that we opened gifts!

Hot chocolate and cider bar!

Aidan got mustaches in his stocking

Aidan gave Tim a game of checkers that he won at school. He just knew TT would love it :)


Tim's huge civil war book. You'd think it would be too big for a coffee table book... but no :)

This is a 3-D ball maze thing that we got Aidan. I saw it in KC and thought he would love it, and he did! He totally guessed what is was though! When I ask him how he knew he told me he'd wanted one for 2 years. Man, I'm good :)

We got Chris his own popcorn tub. Now him and Ashley don't have to use the one from the movie theater. Oh, and a movie gift card too.

Those are not from us!

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