Thursday, June 30, 2011

Things that happen while I'm at work... #1

"The perks of working with Thomas!"

This is a fun little thing I am going to start doing. Tim has the summers off as we all know, and he works A LOT, but he gets to play a lot too :) He always sends me funny texts about what he is doing "while I'm at work". So I thought I would start sharing them with everyone. They always make me jealous and laugh. He's so great. Enjoy!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Dinner at the McPhail's

Friday we ate at the McPhail's and Tim and I both got to snuggle with Kingston for a long while! I got a cute pic of them together.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Office Bowling Party

So I sometimes get into themes :) We had an office bowling party and I decided to bust out my student council shirt from high school! It was a hit, and I actually just had the socks in my drawer. I did horrible the first round, I didn't even get over 100, which is bad for me. Round two was much better–I think I got 130-something.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Father's Day 2011

The boys (Ron, Tim, Chris and Wayne) had their annual Fathers vs. Sons golf tourney. My mom, Aidan and I swam, and Terri and Nanny joined us later in the day! We had a yummy dinner with chicken, tri-tip, and lots of extras. After dinner Ron, Terri, Tim and I went headed to the Show Me Music and Arts Fesitval to listen to the few bands including Little Big Town, One Republic and Tim McGraw. It was SO much fun! And it really only took about 5 minutes to get out the parking lot, which was awesome!
I wish I were clever enough to come up for a funny caption for this...

Well, that's all of the pics from during the day. Not one of the boys. Oops!

Terri, Tim and Ron at the concert

One Republic. The lead guy is from Tulsa and talked about he came to Springfield ALL of the time as a kid to visit his grandparents. He also said he'd spent the last week at Table Rock Lake and Silver Dollar City! Oh, and he was wearing a Bass Pro Hat. Go Springfield!

Tim McGraw!!

Tim was convinced for the longest time this guy was a fake. He ran up to get a closer look and confirmed it was truly Tim McGraw. He really has gotten SO skinny.


This says it all.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

All Day Pool Party!!

Saturday Tim had a baseball tourney so I had some girlfriends over to relax, drink some fresh fruit margarita's and eats lots of yummy food. Our pool party lasted so long that Tim and John Thompson (Parkview's Head Coach) got home from their tourney and joined in on the fun! John even got off work in time to come enjoy the patio. We ended up ordering some Domino's for dinner. This took John (Hamra) and Tim one full hour to pick up! I think they were jealous that we had gone to Macadoodles for some free alcohol tasting earlier in the day, and they had to try it out. All-in-all it was super fun, super relaxing day with great friends!
Round one of margs! Mango!

Very easy. For one pitch add a handful of fruit, ice to the top of the blender, 6 shots of tequila then fill to the second line on your blender (maybe one cup?!). Blend. Perfecto! We learned quick not to put to much liquid or they will not be very frozen.


Second variety, Pineapple + Strawberry. This was a favorite! We had these the rest of the day :)

Kari making Margarita Popsicles!

Which are sadly still NOT frozen. I guess we put too much tequila and not enough juice. Oops!

The spread! Thanks girls for all pitching in on the treats!

Pregnant Anna :) Due July 5.

Kari and Sarah (I work with her husband Tony at 417 Magazine)

Anna, Megan and Megan W.

Wyatt kissing Sarah, she is a huge dog lover too :)

Megan, Kari and Jessica (Thompson's wife, who coaches with Tim)


Boys were ready for some drinks.

Well not Tim. He was a wuss and didn't take his whole tequila shot.

Giving us his many excuses....

He decides to take half....

Jess helps him out on the other half.

Then he still spit some out!

Our neighbors the Weldy's came down, had pizza and put Brooks in the pool for the first time!!

Then the dumping the beer in people's mouths began. Some how I never got roped into this!!

HAHAHAHAHA!!! Apparently Kari is done with the beer.

Tim's turn.

John's really excited!

Check out that mouth full

Here goes Trina

Not super happy about that

I have nothing to say about this one

Trying it from a little higher elevation

This picture really makes me laugh out loud!

As does this

Now we are dancing

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