Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Wow, it's rained a lot

Our backyard has flooded before, but never this high. It is almost 4 feet deep!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Know your 417 Staffers: Megan Johnson

Check out this fun Q & A, about ME!! Warning, the photo is huge.

Easter Celebrations 2011

Saturday I got to hide eggs for Aidan and watch him run around my parents house trying to find them. I had a little vindication this year b/c in the past Tim has always gotten on to me for hiding them to hard. He'd say, "he's only 3, he can't reach that high!" or "he's not going to see that green egg buried in that gree plant, he's only 4." Well people, he is now 6 and my mom told me not to make them too easy, so there! He found them all, but one, the first go around. I'd say me and mom did pretty good :) 

Then on Sunday (and little on Saturday too) I got to hang out with the in-laws + Kristin, Casey and Rylan. Tim killed a turkey, YAY! So we fried that up and added it to our yummy lunch. I'm pretty proud of him! It is the first turkey he has killed since we have been together, way to go babe! There was obviously Easter basket opening from Rylan and all around laughter throughout the day. 

Some favs and then a slideshow again. I hope you guys are liking the slideshows, if it is annoying someone please tell me!

Cutting up the kill!

Trying it out, breaded is definitely better.

The boys got up at 3:45 AM! So they were ready for a nap :)


McPhail Baby Shower

We had an awesome party at our house Saturday night to honor the soon-to-be parents Thomas and Josey. We didn't play any games, but there was plenty to eat and drink and lot's of gifts to open. I think the highlight of the night was me spelling the name wrong on Kingston's crown...yes, I wrote Kignston. Hey, even Josey didn't notice!! It was kind of a turning point b/c that was the first party at our house where most people brought their kids, we officially have just as many friends with kids as without!! A few of my favorites are below, then there is a this awesome sideshow thing I just figured out where you can see all of the photos too. Check it out! What does everyone think? And just wait until Kingston is born, there will for sure be as many pics of him as there are of other people's kids :)
Onesies I made :) + the misspelled crown making an appearance in the upper left hand corner

Future Parents!!

Cruze getting invaded by George

Always snuggle time for Wyatt


Our only "game" for the night. They got kind of hard, sorry all!

Cupcakes by Kari Hamra!

Adian made himself a crown too.

Ashton's 2nd Birthday

Ashton Brooker has turned 2 and everyone celebrated with a party at Chucky Cheese!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Best MIL and PIL ever!!

I got a sweet note and a huge box of Julie's Chewies chocolate chip cookies out of the blue today from Terri and Ron. I love you guys :) You guys are so thoughtful! 

I added the note to my cubical wall so I can always be reminded how lucky I am :)

Of course I had to dig in, they were still warm!

Cirque de la Symphonie

Trina and I went to the annual Symphony Gala this past weekend and their theme was Cirque de la Symphonie. It was a play on a Cirque du Soliel show. It was SO fun! I took some pics :) Even though I am sure I wasn't supposed too.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Katie (Stracke's) Bachelorette Party

So a few weeks ago 20 of us hopped on a bus and headed to the Hard Rock Casino in Tulsa for miss Katie's bachelorette party. It was such a blast; there was a lot of singing and even more dancing! Somehow I managed to not gamble the whole weekend...Tim was glad :) I have a tendency to burn through my money. Oops! I have been quarantined to the penny slots only. Here are a few pics from our fun weekend away. If you want to see all of the madness click here.

Oh yeah, it was an 80's theme too :)

Katie, the bachelorette

The bus crew!

And the dancing begins :)

Oh yes, I have videos too :)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Harriet Love Lemmon is here!!

Matt Lemmon who I work with at the magazine and his wife Nichole had their adorable baby girl on Tuesday afternoon. Rae and I got to visit them at St. John's today. So sweet!!
Matt and Harriet

7 lbs. 1 oz., 20.25 inches

I got to hold her :)
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