Monday, February 28, 2011

Re-decorating Machines know how I told you painting the living room made us want to paint the guest bathroom? Then we decided to buy some new couches? Well, we (I, really) decided this weekend we should go ahead and paint the kitchen too. Which in turn meant re-decorating a little. Here is the new dining room layout + a sneak peek at the couches. They came in, but we bought a whole bunch of new decorations and are still on the hunt for a coffee table, so you can't see the living room until it is all done!! PS, we sold the old couches on Craigslist. This is some serious spring cleaning people!

Aidan plays Basketball

Basketball is over...but not before Aidan got a medal! I'm pretty sure they didn't come in first place, but they did play up an age group and his team got much better as the season went on. Now on to baseball!

Friday Night Game Night

The last Friday of each month is designated game night for a good of my girl friends. This month it was my turn to host! We went with an old school slumber party theme and had lot's of junk food, drank "Slumber Party Slush" and of course played games! We went with Mall Madness as our first choice. I love how Josey explained that the older girls used to never let her play, well we showed them! Josey and I won the first game and Sarah and Liz took home first place on the second round. We then decided to move onto charades/pictionary. We bent the rules a little, but had a blast. And if anyone can tell me how to act out/draw Keeping up with the Kardashians I would love to know. 

Sorry, yellow shopper go to the restrooms
Josey, Kingston (in her belly) and I won!!

So easy! Recipe from my MIL, even though I added a little more whiskey. One half-gallon of orange juice. Half of a fifth of peach schnapps. 6-8 shots of whiskey, and done!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Rylan's First Birthday — PARTY!

Cake, before the awesome icing job

Party dress!

Finished cake!!

Time to eat cake!

Ethan helping Rylan blow out the candles


S'mores at HuHot for dinner

Mark, Casey and Tim at Patton Alley

To see all of the photos click here:

New Couches

All of the house re-painting got us in the mood to furniture shop. We actually had been spying an ottoman at SofaMart that is kind of an ottoman/coffee table hybrid with the leather top. It was on sale for President's Day so we bought it!! BUT of course we looked around and found a set of leather couches that we loved. We have looked and looked to see if there was anything out there that we even liked and we had found nothing. So the fact that we found some we liked we thought we'd better ask about them. Of course they were being discontinued and there are only FOUR more! Which makes us want them even more. We got the guy to come down on his price and reassured us that if our dogs' claws were to puncture them they would fix them for free. So we decided to get them, and cancel the original ottoman/coffee table purchase   :) Sofa, love seat, arm chair and ottoman. We are still on the look-out for a round coffee table, we didn't like any there. So....anyone want to buy our old couches?? :)

Painting the House

We decided we needed to touch up our living room and guest bathrooms. We weren't planning to paint them different colors, but the color ended going on much darker than before. Opps! So since we had to completely edge in the living room again we decided to paint the bathroom a new color. Olive green it is! And now that those rooms look so nice and clean we are now going to repaint the kitchen/dining room this coming weekend. If you need me I will be holed up at my house covered in paint.

I'm a messy painter...and cooker...sorry Tim!

This spot got a little tricky. The first time we painted there was no cabinet here.

Busting out the tiny art brush to tackle the small space.

Friday night date: painting, pizza and beer. Yum!

Um...yes, that is a slightly different color.

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