Friday, January 28, 2011

{Hamra Wedding} Party Bus

Full version of the Party Bus fun!!! We get a little crazy, beware :)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

{Hamra Wedding} Behind the Scenes

We (Kari and I) couldn't wait to get amazing photos in the snow. We came prepared with rain boots :) It was cold, but SO worth it! Here is a video of us taking pictures and some of the final photos.

"Teach me how to Bernie" Weekend at Bernie's!

{Hamra Wedding} Toasts!!!

Me, as Kari's Matron of Honor and Matt, as best man, had the honor of making toasts for the newlyweds. Here they are!!

{Hamra Wedding} Party Bus Mash-up

Tim used our new Flip camera throughout the wedding day. We rode on a "party bus" from the wedding to the reception. This is a mash-up of all of the videos combined. I am going to post the full length video too. Enjoy our crazy antics :)

Behind the scenes: Surprising Joe Daues on the news, LIVE!

417 Magazine publishes a Best of 417 issue every February. When it comes our we go around town on a big bus and surprise all of the winners, including some TV personalities LIVE on air. This is the behind the scenes look at the 417 crew ambushing Joe Daues on KSPR.

HamraTime: More Wedding Pics

HamraTime: More Wedding Pics: click here to see some more pictures on Kari's blog. There are only a few, but they are AMAZING!!!!!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Kari and John {MARRIED}

We had the pleasure of attending (and being in) the wedding of two of our closets friends this weekend. It was such an awesome day. From getting hair and make-up done, to running across town to do outside pictures in the snow, to the crazy photo booth fun; it was an amazing day full of memories. I was honored to play such a big role in making Kari and John's big day happen. Congrats you two! (Note: I can't put these in
Kari, Trina and Rachel on the party bus after the wedding.

Trina's hair. Check.

Party bus! yes, with a stripper pole

Ron and Terri at the reception


Rain boots for the snow!

Melanie and Holly: guest book girls

Saying "I DO!!!"

Ruby, little miss flower girl

Hair and make-up done. Heading to the church.

Mom and dad at the reception

Tim and I after the wedding.

Kari and John's Rehearsal Dinner

At Pizza House, yum yum!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My awesome husband is one year closer to 30 :)

29 to be exact! One more year left in his "20's". I feel like that sounds so young and I am still in them for 4 more years! We had 2 celebrations, Saturday the 8th we went to dinner at Bambino's with friends and Sunday the 9th we saw a movie, went to Nakato and had cake and Andy's at my mom and dad's house with family. I was a pretty eventful birthday weekend.
Tim and JC

Me, Trina and Kari

Well Kari and John decided to get Tim a present :) haha!

Josey and Thomas + baby boy McPhail

Kari and John

Yes, Tim put his gift on. And yes, John bought himself one too!

JC, Amanda Brooker and me

Hitch and Mary

Aidan, Ashley and Chris

More pics of Tim opening his gift

He got a little red-faced!!

Tim, Ashton and Adam

Amanda, me and Ashton

Ashton made the rounds :)

The family at Nakato!!

Happy Birthday Babe! You are the best husband, I love you so much.

Cake time!

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