Saturday, December 31, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

We split our Thanksgiving (and Christmas for that matter) holiday half and half between Tim's family and my family. Our plan was to have lunch at my parents and then head north to Kristin and Casey's house. Casey was on call so there was no leaving town for the three of them. Things didn't go as planned b/c a little thing call the flu hit the Robert's house hard. Kristin and Casey were both down for the count. So we had lunch at my parents as planned and then enjoyed relaxing at home that evening. Sadly I didn't take a single picture at my parents house :(

By Friday everyone felt back to normal so Tim and I headed to Fayette. We got there around 1 or 2, enough time to for Tim and Casey to get into the woods. Kristin, Rylan and I just ran some errands, hung out and prepared for the first Thanksgiving dinner we were in charge of. Terri, Ron and Nanny were coming up on Saturday for lunch. That left the turkey, aka the cavernous beast, cooking up to Kristin and I. It was entertaining, for sure! We survived and the turkey was dang good if you ask me!
Surprise treat!

Kind of sleepy, but check out the belly!

There's are things in there, we know it!

Let me take a look

The wings REALLY freaked me out, but I decided to give it a little high-five

Rylan helping Aunt Megan peel the potatoes

Taking a break for a little reading

What?! It might be little, but it worked for a baster

Nanny and Rylan

Done and done and yum

Belly shot! I think she was 13 weeks here.

Rylan and Aunt Meggie had a pretty fun little game we were playing. The video is kind of long, but her laugh is just irresistible.

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