Saturday, December 31, 2011

Some of my holiday card designs

Photo taken by J Design Studios at John and Kari Hamra's wedding last January

Some of you that follow my blog probably recognize that sweet little face above. Yes, this Christmas card I helped create for my boss, Logan. It has been an emotional road to get to the point where she was ready to share this news with her world. It's scary and sad and exciting all at the same time. This wasn't something they had planned, but it is something they are getting more and more excited about every day. If you could add their family to your prayer list I know they could use all of the support they can get. Support and hope for a healthy baby boy. Right now she is about 21-22 weeks. She is visiting the doctor often and taking all precautions they can. Her doctor honestly thinks she just got really unlucky in her last pregnancy and since she had a healthy pregnancy with Lucy that there is no reason that this one can't be perfect too. Her due date is May 12, but they will take the baby early, most likely the beginning of April. The reason for this is because how they had to preform the c-section with Stella, Logan can't labor at all. It would be very dangerous for her and the baby. So they will need prayers then too b/c this does means another stay in the NICU. It will be hard and overwhelming for them I know, but let's put it in God's hands that she will stay pregnant long enough that the stay is minimal and the issues with the baby are minor.

Now, go hug someone! It's New Year's Eve :)

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