Monday, December 26, 2011

Lot's to catch up on

Well it's been a while since I've written a blog. Sorry about that! This fall was crazy. Between 417 work, my steady freelance work, helping organize the Junior League of Springfield's Pitter Pat 5k/10k, hunting season for Tim. It was just busy. So I kind of took a break in December. Enjoyed coming home from work and cooking dinner with Tim. Relaxing on the couch. Shopping and wrapping lot's of Christmas gifts. So, I am back. I feel like a lot of fun things have happened, so I will fill you in via a few blog posts to come. I am so odd. I feel like the blog has to be in ORDER. Chronological order. I know none of you probably care, but it is so daunting to me to think I have a blog that needs to be written before I can write another one. Then I just go into this spiral of not putting anything up. I'm going to try to work on that.
Here's a few things we've been up to:
1. We went bowling with John and Kari and their little baby to be finally let Kari sleep ALL NIGHT! Yippee.
2. Thanksgiving happening and Kristin and I prepared a cavernous beast all by ourselves.
3. We went shopping for an adopted Christmas family.
4. Went to a McPhail Cowboy Christmas.
5. Decided to revamp our office. This started out by deciding we wanted new carpet. Doesn't that always happen?
6. Made some yummy pizza rolls for dinner.
7. Designed some adorable shower invites for the Hamra baby shower and a few Christmas cards for friends.
8. The boys got the roof on the cabin finished up and started on insulation and got a new stove.
9. Went to Kansas City for our annual girls' shopping trip with my mom, Terri and Kristin. That Chocolate Bag from McCormick and Smicks is still the bomb.
10. Found out the sex of our future niece :) It's a 90% chance anyway. We find out for sure in January.
11. Went to a friends' wedding, which was beautifully decorated.
12. Found our next pet.
13. Had dinner with Thomas, Josey and Kingston. He's getting so big!
14. Made a fun Christmas gift for Tim and I.
15. Went to Silver Dollar City.
16. Looked at Christmas lights!
17. Enjoyed Christmas with our families.
18. Looked at the camera on my iPhone to remember all of that :)


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  1. So many fun things! And lots more to come. John and I look forward to another fun year with you guys!


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