Friday, November 18, 2011

Lucky Me

My good friend Caitlin works at the Springfield Ballet and was throwing a fundraiser happy hour. Trina, Kristina and I stopped by right after work. The way they were making money was you bought raffle tickets, them put your tickets in one of the six raffle items you wanted to win. These weren't just individual items they were baskets loaded up with amazing prizes. One had 4 Chiefs tickets with a VIP Parking/Tailgating pass (+more), one was stuffed full of shopping gift certificates and jewelry, another a date night package with with dinner and movies and shows! I broke my 25 tickets in between Date Night, Kids Fun, Girls Night Out and Holiday Survival. It was time to draw and our names were on our tickets so Caitlin comes bouncing over to our table with this huge Holiday Survival Basket all for me! I never win anything!! I was with Kristina and she's the luckiest person I know so I figured she'd win, but not me. 4-week boot camp, 60-min massage (which I've already used), facial, pedicure kit with awesome fuzzy socks, candles, a one night stay at double tree, chocolate covered pretzels, self tanning stuff, 3 pies from The Pie Box, $40 Target Giftcard (which I've also used), hair shampoo and style. Told you they were awesome baskets! Well the a few minutes later Caitlin is back at our table with another large basket of goodies. This one is titled The Teacher Basket and Kristina had won. That's more like it! Poor Trina was the only one not to win. We both started giving her random little things out of out baskets so she wouldn't walk away empty handed. Merry Early Christmas to me!!

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  1. You guys are the best! Thanks for sharing!!! :)


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