Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Buck Slayers

Opening weekend of deer season 2011 was successful! Tim, Ron, Casey and JC hunted at Osceola and my Dad and Chris headed north to my grandparents house in Green City. (I haven't gone yet b/c we are planning to go up to north Missouri for second weekend.) 

High-five Dad! First buck killed up north! I haven't gotten the story on this one yet...
Casey had been off hunting for two weeks straight up in Fayette and hadn't gotten anything. He was getting a little frustrated but decided to come down to Osceola for the fun, if nothing else. I don't think he actually thought we would get anything so it was a big decision to come down. But opening morning of gun season he took out his bow (he only bow hunts) and got this monster! First kill on the Osceola land was a big 'ole buck! Way to go!
Tim's turn. Casey got the buck on opening morning. Tim had taken his gun and had a shot at a deer, but missed. Around noon he decided the deer might be moving so him and Casey took off to their stands. Since Casey had gotten a buck already he decided to video tape Tim's hunt, and good thing! Tim decided to take his bow that afternoon instead of his gun. Tim said they hadn't been in their stands very long and out came this buck zig-zaggin right toward him. He said it was only about 20 seconds from when we saw him to when he shot. Boom! Deer down. With the bow too! He hadn't killed a buck with is bow in 7 years. And Casey got it all on video! I haven't gotten to see the video yet, but when I do I will get it posted on here.

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