Sunday, November 6, 2011

Big Cedar Lodge for an Anniversary Getaway

For us Halloween weekend wasn't full of costumes and crazy parties. We took a break from Springfield and went down to Big Cedar Lodge for a little getaway. We scored b/c Big Cedar ran a Deal of the Day with 417 so we got a two night stay and a fun fishing trip/meet and greet/dinner with Craig Campbell, an up and coming country singer. We had an awesome time and the leaves were amazing-ling beautiful! We headed down on Friday night and got there about 8 pm-ish. We got all checked in and ran down to the Buzzard Bar to grab a quick bit for dinner. We were a bit perterbed b/c yes this was the Friday night of game 7 in the World series, we are at a bar, we want to watch the game. But no, there is a signer in the bar, so game is off. So Tim is following on his phone. Once we get done eating we ran up to the conference center where they had the game on bug TV's. So we just missed a portion of it, but we got to see the last few innings. Saturday we slept in and went on our fishing excursion from 11-3 p.m. I bundled up b/c it was supposed to be cold, but it ended up being SO nice. We were on a pontoon boat and Logan (my boss) and her husband Dave, a fishing guide and another couple of ladies. It was super relaxed and we stocked our cooler with beer for the trip. Somehow we only had to come back to the marina once for a potty break :) Craig Campbell was on a bass boat and he zipped around to all of the pontoons and hung out. He came aboard and chatted for about 45 minutes to an hour. Showed up pics of his girls dressed up for Halloween his wife had just texted him and even drank a Miller Life (his favorite kind) with us. After the fishing trip we all took naps then met back at the conference center for dinner. After that it was down the hill to a Craig Campbell concert on the lawn. We had VIP seats right up front. He sounded just like on his CD. We weren't sure if we knew any of his songs, but we had Googled him and actually knew 5 of he 6 we listened too, so the concert was great. We hung by the bonfire and then hit up the Buzzard Bar for an night-cap. Sunday we headed back pretty early b/c Tim was going to head to Osceola to hunt that evening since he'd taken the rest of the weekend off. All in all it was the perfect weekend.
Valley View Lodge, where we stayed.
Breakfast joint on Saturday morning
View from breakfast
Dave, Logan, Craig Campbell, Me and Tim

Signing our CD's at dinner. Yup, he sat at our table!
View from dinner!

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