Monday, October 24, 2011

Springfield is kind of hip now

We are getting a lot of great musical acts coming to town. In the past month I have seen Andy Grammer and Colbie Caillat at Drury and Miranda Lambert at JQH. 

Colbie was on October 1 and I went with Ashley, Josey and Kristina. Josey, Ashley and I grabbed dinner at Houlihan's South then went to Roteract Casino night (a casino-themed charity event) before the concert. We met Kristina there. We had great seats on the floor!

Mirand was just this past Friday, October 21 (yes, on my 5 year wedding anniversary). Combs was in town, so Tim wasn't lonely. Ashley, Kari, Katrina, my mom and MIL all met after work, hit up Bambino's for dinner, then hopped over to the show. I must admit I didn't now very many of Miranda's songs (nor did anyone else I was with) but we still had a good time.
Our huge Long Island Iced Teas at Houlihan's

Our massive amount of food. It was during happy hour (on a Saturday) and none of us had a bill over $10!

Gambling (with fake money) at Casino Night

Kristina, Ashley and Josey

Andy Grammar


Me, Kari, Ashley and Trina at Miranda Lambert


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