Thursday, September 22, 2011

{Happy Birthday} Everyone!

It's has been a little while since my last post, and a lot of birthdays have gone by!

First, my dad! We were in route back from Wyoming on his actually birthday (July 24) so we celebrated later that week at Nakato and then Fruity Land for dessert. We thought ahead for his gift and bought him a Under Armor Polo while on vacation that said Jackson Hole. We got a text later that night that it fit! Whew!
Second, Kristina Loveland on August 4. Her and I, along with her sister-in-law and another girlfriend, went to Flame (during 417 Magazine's Restaurant Month) and enjoyed an awesome dinner and some yummy wine. Kristina and I both tried oysters for the first time. Kristina looks scared in this picture, but she really ended up liking them!

Now it's Aidan's turn. August 21 he turned 7. 7! I can't believe it. His birthday was on a Sunday, so Tim and I, along with my mom and dad, Chris, Aidan and Ashley headed down to Silver Dollar City for the day. Shout out to Lisa Rau for the free lunch! Then we came back to Springfield for dinner at Nakato and Fruity Land for dessert!
We all look SO attractive here! Bahaha!
One of the rides Tim would actually go on
That's Me, Ashley, Chris and Aidan on the far right!
Basketball goal from Grandma and Papa
Ashley, Chris and Aidan
Carson and Ethan Loveland turned 4 a week after Aidan on the 29th. Their party was actually the same day as Aidan's birthday party so we took Aidan with us to their party while Chris got things together for Aidan's party. It was at P3 Pottery so all of the kids got to paint any little item they wanted. Aidan went for the alligator. He did a pretty good job! He is wearing the hat and shirt we got him for his birthday :)

September 8 is my mom's birthday! I somehow got no pictures, but you guessed it, we ate Nakato and went to Fruity Land! For her birthday I put together a photo book of our Wyoming vacation. She knew it was coming, but hadn't seen it yet until that night. I think she loved it and was really excited that she didn't have to put one together herself!

A few days later, on September 10 was Kari's 29th birthday. We had a few celebrations. Trina was busy on her actually birthday, so Kari and I got deluxe pedi's the night before and Trina met us at Kremer's for dinner and then we went to Campbell 16 to see a movie. The next night Tim and I met up with John, Kari, Dan and Greg for a few cocktails and appetizers at FLO. Kari, of course, had "mocktails" since at this point she was 15 weeks preggers! It was a pretty sentimental birthday for her b/c it was her last birthday in her twenties and the last one not having a kid.
Posing with Trina and her present. We are totally stumped at what this might be...

A little nervous to open it.

It's unwrapped and she still doesn't know what it is...

Ahhh, MIZZOU Pillow Pet!!

Emerald Green Cocktail Ring and Elephant Baby Bib from me :)

The next night at FLO on her birthday.

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  1. Ah, I love this! Thanks for a great birthday celebration!


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