Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Grant's Wedding

Grant Bass, Tim's good friend high school and usher in our wedding, got married in St. Louis on Friday, September 23. The wedding was at The Jewel Box in Forest Park. Note to anyone who goes there, you can park anywhere! We didn't know that. We drove around and found a parking spot that was a little bit of a walk to the venue. When we left the wedding there were cars all over the street right beside The Jewel Box. Note to self, if there aren't "no parking" signs, just park anywhere. The reception was at Orlando's, a banquet hall back toward our hotel. It was pretty convenient, it was just a few miles from our hotel. We didn't know anyone really, except Grant and Shelly, Adam and Amanda Brooker, Adam's and Grant's parents. They had a live band, which was a blast! And an open bar, which was also equally a blast :)
Tim, Grant and Adam (the Best Man)

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