Monday, September 26, 2011

Glider is complete!

When my Grandma Wanda passed away in December of last year I was fortunate enough to get her glider. We don't have kids yet, but the thought of getting to rock my babies to sleep in a chair that she used to spend hours in just felt right. It was a really lovely shade of burgundy though, so I knew I needed to update it a little. I found some fabric online so Terri and Nanny (Tim's mom and gma) bought it for me and when my Grandma Margaret was in town for Aidan's birthday she (with the help of my Gpa and Dad) recovered it! It looks amazing!! Thanks so much everyone, it will be perfect in my nursery, someday. For now, it is in our bedroom :)
Grandma Margaret!
 I fit pretty good right?! It's pretty comfy too. My dad gave me a tutorial on how they put a whole new package of stuffing in on top of the original padding :) Thanks Dad!

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  1. LOVE THIS! That turned out so stinkin' cute!


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