Saturday, September 24, 2011

Craig Morgan Concert

On August 18 he was kicking off the PBR "Professional Bull Riding" at the Party in the Parking Lot at PFI Western Store. The tickets were so cheap, I think $25 a pop, so we decided to go! If you don't know the name I bet you know his song Redneck Yacht Club. It is pretty popular. We met JC and Kristina Loveland at Touch for a few drinks and then went to the concert. Stina was a trooper, you can't tell she is sick in the pictures b/c we fed her some alcohol but she actually had shingles. Which are very painful. Ouch!

We also ran into our friend Abby whose husband Justin David is in the country music circuit. That day they bango player for Craig Morgan quit and they offered Justin the job. I will keep you posted if he takes it!

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