Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Memorial Day 2011

Nemo here we come again! Like most Memorial Day weekends we head north and camp by the water of Pom De Terre Lake. This year Kristin, Casey, Rylan, Ron and Terri all made their way up on Friday night. Tim went up early on Saturday to fish with the boys and I hitched a ride up with Chris and Ashley. Chris brought his giant floating tube, which sadly got a hole in it, but I think since it has been fixed. Wahoo! I swear I am bad luck with those things. 2 of the 4 times I have been on one they have gotten holes. Boo. Saturday was pretty cloudy so none of the girls even got in the water, but that didn't stop the boys from floating and then being pulled back on the colossal tube as we drove back to the camp ground. We lasted a good hour, and when we realized we were still about 45 minutes away (going at the pace we were) we decided to make the boys get in the boat so we could drive at a decent speed. We had dinner and played 'moes, then hit the hay. Saturday morning mom and dad came up and we took the Sea-doos and the boat back out. It was a beautiful day, but the water was still FREEZING. There wasn't a ton of swimming going on. We ended the day with huge s'mores and came on back to Springfield. Tim and I had a pool party planned for Monday :)

Chris is very close to taking over the title Extreme Jr.

Rylan likes Ashley now, she had fruit snacks!

Taking a snooze

Kisses for mama

Pulling the boys behind the boat

Ashley did a GREAT job holding up the flag!

Trying to get the Colosseum into the boat

It pretty much birthed Ron

Wagon ride!


Rylan shares her toys

Day 2, the sun is out!!

Check out how HUGE that marshmallow is! We don't call him The Extreme for nothing!

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