Friday, June 17, 2011

Kingston Tucker McPhail

Josey had a scheduled C-section on Monday, June 6 but Kingston had a different plan in mind. Saturday night around 10 p.m. Josey's water broke and off to the hospital her and Thomas went. They thought the hospital might send them home b/c she was only at a 3, but when she went to roll over Kingston's heart rate drop and the nurse told them they just got their ticket to having a baby tonight! So at midnight they called their families to come up, b/c there would be a baby coming tonight! So around 2 a.m. Kingston was here! I went to see him on Sunday afternoon, but Tim was in Miami, OK for a baseball tourney. So I just had to go back with him the next night too. I was super bummed about that :) Here are a few pics!
Happy Birthday Kingston!
Day one of this little man's life!
Visit #2

Josey and Kingston

Tim, Thomas, Kingston and Kris

Oh, and I went to visit him this past weekend at Thomas and Josey's house :) He's a good snuggler!

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