Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Katie Stracke is now a Henderson

Katie Stracke (my longest friend) and Brian Henderson got married this past Saturday, May 21. It was a blast b/c Katie graduated with me from Glendale and Brian graduated with Tim so we knew just about everybody there. My mom and dad went too, so that was fun, and we had a sober driver! You will see in the pictures we took advantage of that :) The wedding was in Rogersville at Creed's Town Wedding venue. The weather was a little scary b/c it had been pouring rain for a few days, but Katie's positivity must have paid off b/c it was beautiful and didn't rain a drop. Which was good b/c the wedding was outside!! It was great to celebrate with everyone and we had such a blast!
I designed her invitations and programs.

So from the wedding we jump right to the dance floor in the photos :) This is Tim getting ready to give me a little show. I think you can tell by my clinched teeth I am a little nervous about what is to come....

Yup, there it is, right in the middle of the dance floor. Tim kept saying your dad is watching. HAHA!!!

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