Wednesday, May 25, 2011

It was my birthday, the big 2-7!

I had a work event on my actual birthday, so Sunday the 22nd the families went to Nakato for dinner and then Fruity Land again :) During the dinner is when the crazy tornado hit Joplin so we'd been hearing things and getting texts all through dinner from out of town friends asking if we were okay. Thankfully we were! When we walked outside the weather was so strange and everything was dark and somehow bright orange at the same time. Then there was lightening shooting all across the sky. I had honestly never seen anything like it.

Messy face!

To the west.

To the east. You can barely see it, but right above Ron's head there is a slight glimpse of a rainbow.

I didn't take this, or even see the double rainbow where we were, but everyone on Facebook was posting photos of them. This one was just spectacular, so I took it to show you :) Beautiful!!

A FB friend's dad took this one!

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