Friday, May 20, 2011

Chris's Birthday Celebrations!

Happy Birthday bro! The whole family got together and of course went to our usual birthday spot, Nakato. Tim was supposed to have a baseball game, but it rained and he got to come! Yay for rain! We  then hit up Fruity Land for dessert. Ashley, Chris and Aidan are seasoned pros, but for the rest of us it was our first trip. Aidan taught us all about it! Then a few days after his actually birthday we got together at Cantina Laredo on the Branson Landing and got to meet all of Ashley's family. It was a beautiful hot and sunny 80 degree day and we got to take advantage of the awesome patio.

Fruity Land

So many toppings!

I think Aidan put every topping on his!
Grilling cook book and the VS. channel on his Dish so he can watch NHL Playoffs from us

Money and this fun dip dish from mom and dad. Funny story Chris tried to go by this for himself after Ron and Terri bought it for my mom and dad for Christmas. He had no luck. My mom was randomly in Kirklands months later and there one was! She couldn't turn it down so bought it and saved it for Chris for his birthday. He was really surprised she found one!
Lunch at Cantina Laredo

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