Wednesday, May 25, 2011

It was my birthday, the big 2-7!

I had a work event on my actual birthday, so Sunday the 22nd the families went to Nakato for dinner and then Fruity Land again :) During the dinner is when the crazy tornado hit Joplin so we'd been hearing things and getting texts all through dinner from out of town friends asking if we were okay. Thankfully we were! When we walked outside the weather was so strange and everything was dark and somehow bright orange at the same time. Then there was lightening shooting all across the sky. I had honestly never seen anything like it.

Messy face!

To the west.

To the east. You can barely see it, but right above Ron's head there is a slight glimpse of a rainbow.

I didn't take this, or even see the double rainbow where we were, but everyone on Facebook was posting photos of them. This one was just spectacular, so I took it to show you :) Beautiful!!

A FB friend's dad took this one!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Katie Stracke is now a Henderson

Katie Stracke (my longest friend) and Brian Henderson got married this past Saturday, May 21. It was a blast b/c Katie graduated with me from Glendale and Brian graduated with Tim so we knew just about everybody there. My mom and dad went too, so that was fun, and we had a sober driver! You will see in the pictures we took advantage of that :) The wedding was in Rogersville at Creed's Town Wedding venue. The weather was a little scary b/c it had been pouring rain for a few days, but Katie's positivity must have paid off b/c it was beautiful and didn't rain a drop. Which was good b/c the wedding was outside!! It was great to celebrate with everyone and we had such a blast!
I designed her invitations and programs.

So from the wedding we jump right to the dance floor in the photos :) This is Tim getting ready to give me a little show. I think you can tell by my clinched teeth I am a little nervous about what is to come....

Yup, there it is, right in the middle of the dance floor. Tim kept saying your dad is watching. HAHA!!!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Tim is a fisherman

I just have a few pics, but Tim, Rusty, Jeff and Ron went fishing last Saturday. Tim threw back his bass, but as he has been showing everyone at work they are informing him he probably should have kept it. He's kicking himself now!


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Our dogs like to take over our bed

So what?! They really think they are human....

As you can see, Tim doesn't seem to mind :)

Wiggin' Out Party

Our friend Melanie is in the process of kicking breast cancers ass! She has finished chemo and we all rented a big party bus to celebrate, oh yeah, and we all wore wigs!
Super sexy! Is it just me, or does Tim look like he could pull this off all of the time?
Yes, that is Kai and John too
I really look so funny

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Oh, wait. It's almost my birthday too!

No, no, you haven't missed my birthday. Kari will be on her honeymoon for the actual day, so her and Trina took me out for a mini, early celebration. We went to Kai for dinner and then they took me to see Bridesmaids. It was hilarious!! They treated me to dinner, the movie, popcorn and even donated money to Children's Miracle Network in Stella's memory. Such a thoughtful and fun night! I love you girls!
(Disclaimer, we didn't take too many pics, but I had to post something!)

This picture just cracks me up. Trina said she was so excited about my birthday she couldn't stop shaking!

The movie :) Kind of raunchy, and definitely rated R, but one of the funniest movies I have seen in a long time!

It's Ashley's Birthday too.

She doesn't normally celebrate her birthday on her actually birthday, so we swooped in and took her out. Her and I went to happy hour at Parlor 88 and then had dinner at Bambino's. My mom and dad brought yummy cupcakes from The Cup.

Aidan picked out a princess card for Ashley

Friday, May 20, 2011

Katie Pollock is now an Estes!

Katie, the editor of 417, got married on Saturday, May 7. The wedding was at St. Agnes Catholic Church and the reception was at the Veridian in downtown Springfield. We had an awesome time, especially in the photo booth. Everyone knows how much we love a good photo booth!
Katie and Eli
This looked like a mattress, however it wasn't.

Kari and me

Kari, me and Cassie

Check out Tim's amazing bubble blowing skills back there!

Chris's Birthday Celebrations!

Happy Birthday bro! The whole family got together and of course went to our usual birthday spot, Nakato. Tim was supposed to have a baseball game, but it rained and he got to come! Yay for rain! We  then hit up Fruity Land for dessert. Ashley, Chris and Aidan are seasoned pros, but for the rest of us it was our first trip. Aidan taught us all about it! Then a few days after his actually birthday we got together at Cantina Laredo on the Branson Landing and got to meet all of Ashley's family. It was a beautiful hot and sunny 80 degree day and we got to take advantage of the awesome patio.

Fruity Land

So many toppings!

I think Aidan put every topping on his!
Grilling cook book and the VS. channel on his Dish so he can watch NHL Playoffs from us

Money and this fun dip dish from mom and dad. Funny story Chris tried to go by this for himself after Ron and Terri bought it for my mom and dad for Christmas. He had no luck. My mom was randomly in Kirklands months later and there one was! She couldn't turn it down so bought it and saved it for Chris for his birthday. He was really surprised she found one!
Lunch at Cantina Laredo
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