Monday, April 25, 2011

McPhail Baby Shower

We had an awesome party at our house Saturday night to honor the soon-to-be parents Thomas and Josey. We didn't play any games, but there was plenty to eat and drink and lot's of gifts to open. I think the highlight of the night was me spelling the name wrong on Kingston's crown...yes, I wrote Kignston. Hey, even Josey didn't notice!! It was kind of a turning point b/c that was the first party at our house where most people brought their kids, we officially have just as many friends with kids as without!! A few of my favorites are below, then there is a this awesome sideshow thing I just figured out where you can see all of the photos too. Check it out! What does everyone think? And just wait until Kingston is born, there will for sure be as many pics of him as there are of other people's kids :)
Onesies I made :) + the misspelled crown making an appearance in the upper left hand corner

Future Parents!!

Cruze getting invaded by George

Always snuggle time for Wyatt


Our only "game" for the night. They got kind of hard, sorry all!

Cupcakes by Kari Hamra!

Adian made himself a crown too.

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