Monday, March 28, 2011

Visiting the land

I was cleaning off my camera and realized I had a few photos I never posted. Tim, his parents and I went up to the land about a month ago so the boys could show us all of the hard work they'd been working on over the past few months. It was honestly only the second time I'd been to "The Land" as we always seem to call it.

Checking the trail cameras

Refilling the corn feeders. Notice to the left of Ron there is a trail camera pointed right at the feeder :)

It seriously shoots that corn out! I'd never seen one turned on before.

Terri playing with her new metal detector. It kept picking up the tin from the old roof-top of the house.

Terri was the finder, the boys were the diggers.

Finally something other than tin! We are planning to put all of the old things we find up on the wall of the cabin.

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