Friday, March 18, 2011

No, I'm not pregnant.

I just like to plan ahead. I inherited a glider and ottoman from my Grandma Wanda when she passed away. I can't wait until the day I have a little bundle of joy to rock  in my arms and reminisce about the awesome times I had with her. The glider is in great shape, but the fabric is maroon....which won't match my nursery, no matter what the gender our kids may be. So, I am going to have it recovered. I know normal people would wait until they were pregnant to worry about recovering the rocker, I'm sure they would definitely wait until they are at least trying to have a baby, but not me. I have an idea of what I want the nursey to be, boy or girl, so I am trying to debate if this fabric will look good or not.


Look good in a nursery that looks like this?

Mainly will it look good with the striping on the walls....Thoughts?

If you are a visual person, here is another chair in the same fabric:


  1. Oh yes I love it! I especially love the whole picture because it is serena and lily! I am obsessed with them! That is where I got my new duvet set!

  2. my vote go bold if you are going grey :) you know me though I love color. I would do a gender neutral color like green or yellow :) Does that pattern come in other colors?

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the nursery picture! I've already told you this, but felt like I needed to make it official on here! :) That pattern is soooo cute too!

  4. It does come in yellow. I have been strongly debating a color. Beliece me, I looked and looked and thought and though :) I like the thought of a green, geometric pattern but that will have to match all my nursery stuff for multiple kids (hopefully). So I want it to match lot's of different things. Especially since I have no idea what bedding I am going to choose I decided grey might be safer. I thought if I need a pop of color I could re-cover just the ottoman in a solid color, or maybe even re-cover the buttons. That would allow me to do bold curtains too. Those are just my justifications :) but I love the idea of a color too!

  5. I even thought about painting a big piece of furniture a bright color too.


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