Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Painting the House

We decided we needed to touch up our living room and guest bathrooms. We weren't planning to paint them different colors, but the color ended going on much darker than before. Opps! So since we had to completely edge in the living room again we decided to paint the bathroom a new color. Olive green it is! And now that those rooms look so nice and clean we are now going to repaint the kitchen/dining room this coming weekend. If you need me I will be holed up at my house covered in paint.

I'm a messy painter...and cooker...sorry Tim!

This spot got a little tricky. The first time we painted there was no cabinet here.

Busting out the tiny art brush to tackle the small space.

Friday night date: painting, pizza and beer. Yum!

Um...yes, that is a slightly different color.

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