Monday, February 28, 2011

Friday Night Game Night

The last Friday of each month is designated game night for a good of my girl friends. This month it was my turn to host! We went with an old school slumber party theme and had lot's of junk food, drank "Slumber Party Slush" and of course played games! We went with Mall Madness as our first choice. I love how Josey explained that the older girls used to never let her play, well we showed them! Josey and I won the first game and Sarah and Liz took home first place on the second round. We then decided to move onto charades/pictionary. We bent the rules a little, but had a blast. And if anyone can tell me how to act out/draw Keeping up with the Kardashians I would love to know. 

Sorry, yellow shopper go to the restrooms
Josey, Kingston (in her belly) and I won!!

So easy! Recipe from my MIL, even though I added a little more whiskey. One half-gallon of orange juice. Half of a fifth of peach schnapps. 6-8 shots of whiskey, and done!

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