Monday, November 29, 2010

417 Magazine's Thanksgiving Eve Bash!

Megan, Logan, Caitlin (Marketing girls at 417)

JC, Kristina, Tim and Meg

Work girls! Alicia, Rae, Logan, Megan, Caitlin

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Hanging the Christmas lights

I was helping too, just handing up the lights....

Oh yeah, and electrocuting myself. Owie!

Thanksgiving at The Johnson's

Fish-hook, works every time!

Egg white just for me :)

First Thanksgiving!!! Real food!

Dance. Dance. Dance.

Thanksgiving at The Gregory's

It was snowing!!

Big bottle wine, yum yum.

Cutting up the deer!

Sneaking some deer...

Sleepy Chris

Mom, Ashley and Meg

Ashley's first Thanksgiving

Cruze visits for Thanksgiving

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Deer Season 2010

Opening day 10 does were shot. One by me, one by Tim, one by Ron, 2 by Brandon, and many more. Then on Sunday morning I got the only buck of the weekend! Thanks to Tim for letting me shoot instead of him :) Thanks babe!!

Chris made these sweet vests you had to wear if you missed a deer or were a "spectator" and hadn't shot. Chris had to wear his own vest!!!

Ron had to wear the spectator vest!

10 deer hanging in the barn!

Sunrise on day 2

Since Ron got a deer he passed the spectator vest off to dad!

and that was his excuse for being a spectator: I was letting everyone else get theirs first!
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