Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween at work!!!

Caitlin as FLO from the Progressive commercials
Jake, Rae and Tony as Mario, Peach and Luigi!
Savvy as a football player and Matt as Fonzie
Brett as Joaquin Phoenix
Me as a Lumberjack and Michelle as Lady Gaga!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Beautiful sunrise in October, and my funny boys

Who knew Wyatt would be towering over Goose! You can really see it here.

If you can ignore my silly dog you can see how pretty our trees our turning.

I know, I post them all at once.

I have a problem where I don't post very many blogs, and then BAM, 5 new ones :) 
I hope you enjoy all of them either way! xoxo

Pumpkin patch with Aidan

And then there was land....

And we're off.

View of the Osage River on the drive to the land. You can't tell, but it is over to the left of the river.

Grass lane that takes you to the land.

Turkey feathers were everywhere!

Core land that butts right up to the land on the right. This is where my (first) condo will be :)

Tim's parents have made an offer, so fingers crossed it goes through and the Johnson's might have some hunting ground!! It is up by Osceola, about an hour and 15 minutes from home.

Francis Wedding!

Tim, Logan Still and me :)

The bride and groom Steffany and Eric!
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